31st October 2014

Well we have come to the end of another sailing season and tomorrow we shall head to Kos marina where we are booked in for the winter.

We have spent the last month travelling through the Dodecanese and have even managed to add a new island to our itinerary.

We started by spending a very bumpy night in Kos so quickly moved on to one of our our favourite spots on Pserimos. Until late in evening we were alone and then we were joined by a lone sailor who had a yacht with no spreaders!!

DSCN4765      20141002_115812

We stayed for several days and enjoyed the quiet and relaxed with daily swims. For some insane reason we decided to climb the hill (following a goat trail) to see if we could reach the small town on the west coast of the island. We did get to the top but chickened out of doing the complete return journey. We did meet some Australian Greeks who had hiked up from the village and one of them kindly lent me a stick to help with the descent. Once back down on the beach Caryn swam back to the boat whilst Svein returned in the dinghy.

We also took the opportunity of cleaning the dinghy underside as it had got really dirty whilst lying in the water in Nisyros.


Time to move on so we hoisted the anchor and went to Kalymnos town. Moored in the harbour we were able to shop for both food and things that Svein needed. We also walked round to the beach for a swim. Once we were stocked up we continued and spent a night in Emporio (on the west coast of the island) and then continued to Lakki marina on Leros.


Here we caught up with our friends Pauline and Gordon (Crazy Dream). We found a sail maker who could sell us the railings we needed for our new cockpit cover (that will be made when we get to Kos marina).

20141008_184708                                          20141009_103331

Caryn continued to swim (we have now reached the middle of October) and after switching between the marina, the town quay and one at anchor we continued on our journey to Lipsi.

We had not been here for a few years and it was good to reacquaint ourselves with the town by wandering the deserted streets.


The harbour was now much better organised and although we paid nothing to berth we paid for electricity and water. We were able to fill 700 litres as we had not wanted to fill in either Kalymnos and Leros  (who do not have very good potable water). This meant that Caryn was able to do a load of washing.  The harbour was filled with small fishing boats and some of them had a really unusual colour. We also experienced a really nice sunset.

DSCN4779          DSCN4782

Whilst in Lipsi we saw an original way to travel. A group of Australians were using a gullet to travel from island to island and then they unloaded bicycles and visited the islands by  cycling round them.

DSCN4785                     DSCN4788

Time to move on again and this time we had decided to visit an island that we had never been to before – Patmos. It is a short hop over from Lipsi and we moored up on the town quay after a pleasant crossing. We tried to visit the monastery but they had some very strange opening times so we decided to keep that for another visit.

We knew that bad weather was due in a few days so we left Patmos and headed round Leros to the east coast where we anchored in Penhali bay.


A peaceful bay with only a few yachts that anchored to lunch and then moved on. The town was virtually closed for the winter but again the water was still warm enough to swim in. After a quiet night we continued to Kalymnos harbour to sit out the strong winds that were expected.

DSCN4797                  DSCN4798

The winds came and we sat them out safely. After studying the forecast we decided it was time to move before the newly expected Southerlies arrived (and we wanted to be in Nisyros before they came). We left the harbour under bright sunshine and little wind but we had not gone very far before the wind rose strongly (gusts of 34 knots) but averaging 24 knots.  As the sea was also extremely bumpy, and Escapade rolls a great deal, we decided to change our destination from Kos to Pserimos. We anchored in the bay, which was calm, and spent a quiet night.

We made an early start the next morning as we wanted to reach Nisyros. We made a quick stop in Kos for Svein to stock up on his oil for his e-cigarette (yes he has now been using it since January) and then continued to Pali (Nisyros) where we moored up in time for lunch at our favourite restaurant Aphrodite.

DSCN4801                         DSCN4799

We were now safely moored to wait out the strong Southerlies. They came on time and brought rain and wind.

20141026_141736           20141026_145440

This did not prevent Caryn from swimming.!! Svein was kept busy helping Mike (Eagle’s Nest) and repairing Zrisanthi ‘s car with some much needed cosmetic work.

20141029_150427                             20141029_150438

No festivals this time round on the island but we were wined and dined by Aphrodite and enjoyed many meals there with our friends. It is now time to bed Escapade for the winter and get stuck in to our winter jobs.

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