UPDATE (May 2015)

After a long silence it is time to update. On our return from Thailand in February we experienced the coldest weather we have ever seen in Greece – very strong cold Northerlies together interspersed with winds from the South. This weather cycle continued well in to April. Fortunately there was plenty to keep us occupied inside and Svein spent a great deal of time on computers. He built a new Raspberry Pi computer which has now become the centre of our new media centre. This comprises several external hard discs where all our photos, films, videos and music are stored. This means that we can isolate all the computers individually within the local network. Caryn did a great deal of knitting including a 2m x 2m bedspread (present for a friend), sweaters, jackets, hats and blankets.

DSCN5322         DSC00035

DSC00039         DSCN5347

DSCN5360               DSCN5416        DSCN5417

March saw us wending our way to Rhodes to visit our friends from Sybaris (Per and Elly). We celebrated Per’s birthday and also took time out to help them with their new hotel. Svein helped by installing the kitchen units and Caryn visited every interior decoration in Rhodes with Elly looking for lamps and other sundry items needed for the hotel which was a very interesting and fun pastime. They also found time to visit a few dress shops and to stock up on items for the summer wardrobe.

April saw Caryn taking a quick trip to England to visit her mother. There she enjoyed spring weather and was lucky to see many spring flowers in blossom.

DSCN5362     DSCN5366     DSCN5369         DSCN5370

On Caryn’s return it was time to take Escapade out of the water for a major external  overhaul.  We had decided that the topsides needed to be repainted and this was in addition to the usual underwater check and the antifouling.  On 27th April she was lifted and placed on her cradle.

DSCN5373        DSCN5383

DSCN5392        DSCN5405

As it is virtually impossible to live on board in the yard we have rented a small studio on  the outskirts of the town until our departure for Norway. It is  a family run complex and has its own swimming pool which was filled shortly after our arrival so it  has been possible to swim every day and the bonus is that we have the pool all to ourselves!!

Initially we thought we had a rust problem but once Svein started stripping he discovered that the problem was not rust but bad adherence of the paint to an coal tar epoxy. After a few days he had managed to strip all the topsides and then started the research as to how to solve the problem.

DSCN5409         DSCN5410

DSCN5413         DSCN5414

As he is someone very persistent he has managed to find the answer and has already tested a primer to check its adherence. He has also started to work on the toe rail which has to be replaced in places.

    DSCN5434     DSCN5430

Work is coming on well and Svein has renewed the toe rail and bathing platform

DSCN5420       DSCN5448

Although the work on the boat it the main priority we has also taken time out to relax and this has included a BBQ to celebrate the European Easter and where Caryn made a traditional Simnel cake as a dessert. We also celebrated Svein’s birthday with drinks on the boat and a mango and kiwi cheesecake.

DSCN5333            DSCN5335


We have also taken advantage of the fine weather that has at last arrived with lunch at our favourite haunts as well as discovering new ones and celebrating the Norwegian National Day

DSCN5438       DSCN5442


Caryn has been faithful to her manicurist and through the winter has experimented with different styles.



A final note. We have seen an enormous amount of refugees arriving daily on the island.  Usually  the boat used to transport them are destroyed as soon as they reach the beaches but recently the Coastguards took one before it was destroyed. It is quite common that between 20 and 30 people are on board. I think that no further comment is necessary.

DSCN5451         DSCN5453

Recently a Coastguard vessel from Leros was lifted out for repair. We do not know what happened but they obviously encountered something that left a lasting impression.

DSCN5458        DSCN5457


Svein has achieved the impossible and got the  boat completed repainted before we leave for our annual trip to Norway on 11th June. He has welded, primed, masked and painted over 6 weeks. We will  launch Escapade on our return in July so that we can start our summer season.

20150531_194530                  20150602_081116

20150602_122948                 DSCN5468

The next update will probably come from Norway where we have a very full programme planned or shortly after our return.

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