Visit to Kalymnos


The first main event of the new year was a visit to Kalymnos, a neighbouring island, with Britt Marie and Gunnar from Jespan to celebrate Gunnar’s birthday.

We drove to Mastihari early on Thursday morning to catch the ferry. It was a clear and sunny day and the crossing was calm. After the short trip (opne hour) we landed and went in search of our hotel (Olympic Hotel). We were given a room with a view over the harbour and the main square.

Once settled in we started exploring the island by driving up the east coast visiting Vathi on the way. Here we had moored with the boat previously. It was pleasant to see it in the quiet of the winter. We continued up the coast on the winding mountainous roads, complete with hairpin bends, until we reached Emporio on the North West tip. We had also anchored here in the delightful bay.

Whilst we were looking around we witnessed a most unusual way of fishing. A fishing boat came to quay and put a rope round a bollard. Still attached it then began to reverse out to one side of the bay letting our the rope all the way. Once it had reached the entrance it dropped a marking buoy and began letting out a net. It proceeded to motor to the opposite side of the bay, still deploying the net. On its arrival at the opposite side it dropped another marker buoy and then began to motor towards the quay whilst hauling in the net. Once is arrived to quay it then sold the catch to the waiting customers on the quay. Once the customers were served it then unhooked the rope and motored away. All in all it took about one hour but was very entertaining to watch.

After leaving Emporio we then drove down the west coast of the island passing through the tourist towns (all closed and deserted) until we again reached the main town and the hotel.

We found a restaurant for lunch and then explored a little before meeting up again for the celebration dinner.

The next day we were due to take the ferry back but were countered in our efforts by the strong wind which meant that the car ferry would not cross to Kos. As we were in no hurry we decided to enjoy another day in Kalymnos albeit in the rain and wind and were able to return to Kos on the Saturday morning having enjoyed a pleasant trip to see an island from a different point of view.

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