Sitting out the winter


Having recovered from our Kalymnos trip we then took another one this time to Rhodes. The main aim was to buy replacement batteries as our current ones had given up the ghost.

We took the catamaran and after a late departure (of several hours) and a very bumpy ride we reached Rhodes in the early evening. We walked from the quay through the old town up to Elly and Per (Sybaris). They bought a house a couple of years ago in the old town and it is a very welcome stopping place when passing through Rhodes. Although the weather was not too kind Elly and Caryn walked the town doing our shopping while Per and Svein went off to buy the batteries. We all met up for lunch in the new market and then walked back to the house before walking to a restaurant for the evening meal.

The next day dawned windy and rainy again and after checking we were told that the catamaran would not be running so Svein changed our tickets to the ferry and made arrangements to have the batteries delivered on board. We duly arrived at the ferry terminal to find that it also had been delayed. As there was no time to return to the house we waited in the rain for the ferry to arrive. The batteries arrived on time and were driven on board. Svein now had the task of removing them (all 200kgs) from the ferry when we arrived in Kos. We got in at 3h30 am and he proceeded to remove them 2 by 2 whilst the lorries were being loaded and unloaded round him much to the annoyance of the marineros. Eventually they were unloaded and loaded into the boot of the car which we then took back to the marina at a very slow pace.

The next day Svein loaded them on board and started the new installation. This meant removing the old batteries and demolishing the starboard side of the aft cabin to rebuld it up again. Once the batteries were installed Svein made a temporary installation to hold them in place until he could make the final installation. However at 4 in the morning disaster struck. The plinth they were standing on broke on one side and the batteries fell over spilling the acid over the floor!!!!!!! The batteries were uprighted and fixed temporarily again but the first task for Svein the next day was to make and install the steel structure that would hold them in place. Once that was fixed it was a question of rebuilding the desk making use of the extra storage space beneath. It was then varnished and the wall repainted and set up as a desk with all the paperwork stored in new folders and the sailing manuals stored on the shelf. Caryn sorted through the paperwork and then spent 3 days shredding the documents that were no longer needed!!!!

Now in work mode Svein then attacked the leak in the water tank that has been bothering us for quite some time and which meant that we could not fill the tanks to capacity – not a good thing when fresh water is always a premium when at sea. This job done (over several days so that it was fully dry) he then attacked the saloon deck hatch that badly needed attention. He replaced the joist with a new stainless steel one and then waterproofed the structure finishing by painting it. In parallel he also repaired the main entrance door and repainted it.

Still in working mode he bought and installed a stainless steel frame for a fixed bimini and then made the bimini top.

We are pretty well sorted before leaving the marina at the end of the month. The engine still has to be checked and some replacement items installed.

We have had a varied winter as far as the winter is concerned. There has been plenty of rain and even more strong winds whether they be from the North or the South. There have been some days with strong force winds that have made some liveaboards spend nights in a hotel.  We have also had sunny days that have enabled us to have BBQs and long nights round a fire.

Svein has helped others with their computer problems with even one computer being sent over from Nisyros on the ferry!!!

We have celebrated Svein’s birthday in style with a very good meal out together with our friends from Jespan.

Now all that remains is to complete getting the boat ready and setting out on our new adventure at the end of the month after one year’s forced halt on the island of Kos.

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