Getting ready to move on


It has been a busy month with the last preparations so that we can move on at the end of the month. Svein completed the first stage of the bimini and then embarked on another project dear to him. He has started to fit a targa to the doghouse so that we can move the main sail sheeting. It started with some stainless steel reinforcements that have been fixed to the house and then bolted through the deck. Then it was fun and games with fibreglass (which we are still clearing out of all the nooks and cranies). Unfortunatley he did not have time to sand and paint but that will be a job for when we get under way.

We also had time to do a little sightseeing and visited the thermal waters and its beach on the South of the island. We went with Britt Marie and Gunnar from Jespan and enjoyed a lovely day with a regal BBQ on the beach and Caryn even tested the sea.  We also visited a restaurant at Zia where we were invited by Pieter and his girlfriend Irene.

There was an evening meal with all the liveaboards at a local restaurant one night. Who knows when and where we will all meet up again and a final BBQ that finished very late for some!!

Svein’s birthday was also celebrated in style together with Jespan and this year he even got a present!!

In addition Caryn took a short trip to the UK to check on her mother using the recently opened Easyjet route with a direct flight into Gatwick from Kos. The weather was freezing over there but she was able to take her mother out shopping and she that she had settled into the care home.

Back on board it was all go to tidy the boat and get it shipshape for the departure on 29th April. We were also moved from Pontoon D to the outer wall which made it easier for Svein to work. The saloon cushions have all been cleaned and the front cabin has now been restored to its seagoing state.

Bimini finished (at least the top bit). Continued cleaning the cushions in the sun.Got sunburnt. Pleasant evening in the clubhouse with drinks. Sunny with slight wind. Svein installed the new wind instrument on the mast and then checked out the navigation system which now includes the wind readings on the screen. We have stocked up with diesel and filled the tank.

The weather for April has been very mixed with strong winds and heavy rain but also glorious sunny days that make you think that Spring has come. The trees are in full bloom and the town is looking very green. The sea has also been warm enough to swim in albeit for short periods.

We are now ready to leave the marina after 18 months on the island of Kos. Our new adventure starts.

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