On the move


The big day has come and we are ready to go. We said our goodbyes to everyone in the marina and just before midday left the quay in sunshine and light winds. Our first destination is Yiali. This is the island north of Nisyros that has a beautiful anchorage and that supplies the find sand for glass making to the workshops in Europe.

After a 5 hour sail (well one hour sail and the rest under engine) we arrived at an empty anchorage with clear waters. We had encountered 20 knot winds just before arriving but it was calm in the anchorage. The anchor took first time and was well embedded by next morning. It was peaceful and we were able to wind down and enjoy being on the water again.

Caryn tested the water and Svein serviced the gearbox that had been making some odd noises when we were anchoring. Just as well as he found a section completely covered in rust that he was able to clean and refit so now all is well again. He also connected the Smartguage to the batteries so that we should now be getting a correct reading of our battery status.

We were enjoying it so much that we stayed a second night in the peach and quiet.  We woke to winds and as it was forecast to increase during day we lifted the anchor and made our way to Pali (Nisyros). This was a short hour’s journey.

We moored on the quay in front of our favourite restaurant “Aphrodite” and then got a tremendous welcome from everyone. Svein got stuck in working on a table for Mike (sanding, staining and priming). We had a delightful lunch with Mike (Ealge’s nest) and then went back to the boat to sleep it off.

In the evening we went to see Antonio and Vicki (who run the pitta gyros restaurant) and had a “meze” there before getting back to the boat for a deserved night’s sleep.

The next day Svein helped Antonio move a door in his restaurant and then he was called upon to help a fellow sailor who had problems with his engine cooling system. He also found the time to go into Mandraki with Mike. It is all go here!!!!!

One thought on “On the move

  1. Hi Guys,
    I see you are on the move, how are the new wings performing?
    I will be sailing Corrina back to Turkey at the start of next month. Will I be able to catch up with you somewhere?

    Take Care – Darren

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