A Greek wedding and afterwards


Bright and early we were up and drove to Lidl to stock up. A trip to town for some last minute things and by 11am we were ready to leave the marina. Our original intention was to anchor in Yiali for a night but after a phone call on the way down we diverted to Pali on Nisyros. We had to motor all the way because of head winds but were soon safely moored, with our lines taken by Crazy Dream, and were able to go for a well deserved swim.

We were  back in Pali for the wedding of Tsambika and Niko’s granddaughter so we whiled away our time doing odd jobs on the boat, swimming and eating and drinking.

The day of the wedding arrived and everything started at 7pm although the family and guests had been arriving all day and the preparations for the celebration had been going on for many days.  With upto 150 guests expected it was a big event and all the village was concerned.

The wedding itself was very different to anything we had seen before and it gave us an insight into the Greek way of life. Needless to say the celebrations went on long into the night but by 8am the next morning the restaurant was open for business as usual with no evidence of what had taken place the day before. The video gives a summary of the event. 

Once the wedding was over we were able to relax and just wait for our post. We saw the biggest moon of the century from Nikia overlooking the ocean towards Tilos. Once the post arrived we weighed anchor and left Nisyros for Kos. The journey was pretty bumpy and rounding Agios Fokas we saw 32.5 knots of wind!! We eventually anchored outside the marina and had a quiet night. Svein went into town and got his new watch that we had been waiting for and he also managed to pick up a few supplies so we would be read to leave the next day.

The next day we filled up on fuel and water and headed towards Pserimos. So far we have not been lucky with the winds as the meltemi is blowing and it kicks up a big swell. We were not making much speed but eventually we reached the anchorage in Pserimos. We sent for a swim and then watched the boats around us dragging. We were lucky and did not move. Svein checked the undersides and saw that the propellor needed to be cleaned which probably explains the slow speed of the previous day.

Early the next morning Svein dove and cleaned the propellor. We then started heading North again making for Xerokambos on Leros. However the sea was so choppy that we shortened the trip and went into Vathi on the island of Kalymnos instead. We arrived early and were able to get a good place. The speed of the boat has also improved by over 1 knot. We relaxed and swam and had a good dinner out.

The last of June was already upon us and we headed out of the inlet and made our way North again. We were lucky and managed to hoist the sails although the wind was such that we motorsailed. However the sea was calm until we reached the entrance to Xerokambos when the wind suddenly picked up and the sea became choppy. We battled on round the point and put down the anchor in the bay of Lakki between the two marinas. We have found Jespan, Octavia II and Crazy Dream here also!!!!

We have decided to take the boat out here for her overhaul whilst we are waiting for a break in the weather to continue. That will be the next episode. We have had a very busy June but are now moving on to new adventures so we will see what they bring.

One thought on “A Greek wedding and afterwards

  1. Dear Caryn & Svein
    We were so shocked & horrified at the loss of C’est la Vie. Our hearts go out to you, what a tragedy. Thank goodness you are both ‘okay’. Have you any idea what could have happened?
    What are your plans now?
    We heard the news from Barry & Angela and also saw what happened through the YBW forum.
    You would be more than welcome to come and stay at the new house. Junica is on the market (she’s still in P.Napoleon).
    Send me an email & I’ll give you the address. We’re in the Charente just North of Limoges.

    Again our utmost sympathy.

    All the best

    Liz & Harry

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