The end of a chapter

It has taken some time to be able to put pen to paper after the events in Leros on 5th July 2013.

After leaving Nisryos we sailed to Pserimos and then to Leros. We caught up with friends on Jespan, Octavia and CrazyDream and even celebrated our wedding anniversary at a super restaurant in Petlani on the Island.

We got a very good offer so decided to take the boat out on land for 3 days to antifoul and check her over. All went according to plan and on 5th July we launched her at 11h15. By 12 noon we were out at anchor in the bay and we left her to go ashore to visit the island by car with Jespan. We waited for them to arrive with the car and about 13h00 we started off.

At 13h15 we received a call from the marina to return to the boat as it was on fire!!! We quickly turned round and then had to wait on land whilst attempts were made to put out the blaze. Needless to say these were fruitless and she eventually burned for 8 hours. We had lost our home and everything we possessed except what we had taken off the boat with us and the clothes we stood up in.

Everyone was fantastic. Jespan lodged us on the boat and Crazy Dream gave us clothes and other essentials. People in the marina and elsewhere came with clothes and other items to help us out. Svein to and froed between the Port Police and the marina to try to sort out what would happen next as we did not want her to sink and cause further problems. Unfortunately there was little help from the official authorities but in the evening friends rallied round and with our dinghy and another one she was pulled aground into shallow waters (still burning). Eventually a military fire vehicle with foam appeared and Svein took them out to the wreck to extinguish the remaining flames. It still took them one hour and by now we were nearly 20h00. After much hassle an anti-pollution barrier was placed round the wreck and then began the fight to get her on land. After nearly one week we were finally able to have the wreck brought ashore. She is now being broken down in a yard in the north of the island.

Once everything was sorted out we were able to leave Leros and we headed for Athens for a new passport for Svein and then Rhodes where Per and Elly on Sybaris had kindly lent us their house. We stayed there for a week until Per’s parents arrived and we had to move to a flat for the duration of their stay. We returned to the house whilst we waited for Caryn’s passport. Once it had arrived we headed for Nisryos where we stayed with Marilyn and Mike in Nikia with visits to Pali to be spoilt by Tsambica and Nikos at Aphrotide.

From there we organised a quick trip to Kos so that Caryn could have her check-up and then we were free to move on. Svein had been assiduously studying the internet for another boat and had lined up possibilities in Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain and France.

It was time to start travelling. We collected our 3 suitcases and booked the ferry to Athens. Here we had a car waiting for us and we travelled to Kalamata to see the first choice. Unfortunately it was not to be. So we said goodbye to our friends there and moved on to Lefkas. Here we had several lined up. The first one was not suitable but the second one was.

We are now in the process of buying a Bruce Roberts 48 steel ketch. We already knew the boat as Caryn had sold it in France in 2007 when she was working there. Small world!!!!!!!!.

We shall now be able to start a new adventure. We shall be spending the winter in Lefkas marina together with our friends Angie and Keith on Castor en Pollux. It looks as though it could be a busy time as we may also go to California for a wedding and Caryn’s mother will be 90 in January so a trip to the UK will be in order. Svein will also have to find time to work on the boat to put our stamp on it and Caryn will have fun setting up the galley and replacing everything. What a shopping spree in perspective.

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