C'est la vie on the Web

  • A happy couple in the cockpit on Escapde
  • The first sail trip with Escapade
  • New name in place after a total repaint, spring 2015
  • At anchor in Pedi bay on Symi Island
  • An early start from an anchorage
  • Sailing is a hard life
  • Christmas day in Kos
  • Music session in Ahrodite Restaurant Nisyros
  • Eating StreetFood on the beach in Thailand
  • Nice and warm in the end of January
  • At a restaurant quay in Turkey

Welcome To Our Website

This is Caryn and Svein Otto Børstad's Web portal. We are two people who met in the early nineties and pick up an interest for the sailing life. Mostly because Svein had a dream about long-term sailing and Caryn went along.

The outcome of this is that we now have lived over 14 years on two different sailing-boats and are still enjoying this life-stile.

We are both familiar with computer work and started early to play with a web page.

Today we are mostly using the Blog, but we have some old stuff out there that could be fun to access.

This new Front-page is an attempt to organise the access in an easier way.

Another funny thing on the WEB is YouTube. We have a YouTube Channel and have been loading up some videos during our sailing life. Click the button and take a look.

It is now summer 2020 and we have been on land for over 5 years. We ended up i La Sauvetat du Dropt in France where we have a nice house and Escapade is sold.