The C'est la vie Blog

  • The C'est la vie Blog
  • January 7. 2009 in Port Napolen
  • Leaving Port Napolen on route to Greece
  • Sunset Boulevard in Lefkada
  • Svein with his two daughters in Nidri. Svein and Caryn's 60 years birthsday party
  • Caryn at the wheel leaving Lesvos
  • Sunset Boulevard in Lefkada
  • At anchore outside Rhodes Mediviel town.
  • Elly, Per, Caryn and Svein in Turkey

The C'est la vie Blog

Our dream of sailing to the Med was fulfilled. We have now lived 7 years on C'est la vie, 3 years in Denmark and 4 years in France. We liked the life-stile and the freedom of not having a property on land somewhere that has to be looked after.

It's a fantastic feeling of freedom to know that you can lift the anchor and go anywhere you like and bring your home with you.

In March 2009 Caryn handed in her notice and we planed to go sailing again. The first goal was Lefkas in Greece.

During our years in France our web page was not updated and we decided to use the Blog format as it is much easier to maintain when you are moving around with bad internet connections.

This Blog is about our sailing in Greece from 2009 to 2013 when we lost everything in a fire on C'est la vie.

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