The Escapade Blog

  • The Escapade Blog
  • First time in the water 3. October 2013
  • Caryn got a washing machin for the first time in 12 years
  • And Svein got a new acordion
  • Reefing the main sail is easy with in-boom roling main
  • Just another sunset, end of October 2014
  • Dressed for the winter with new cockpit tent
  • Spring 2015 and time for full outside renovation
  • Sanding, filling, priming, sanding, priming and spray painted
  • 45 days hard work, but we got a compltily new boat
  • At anchor in Pedi bay on Symi Island
  • "Enter your caption here"

The Escapade Blog

This Blog starting in 2013 when we bought our new boat Escapde of London. After the horrible fire on C'est la vie in the beginning of July we spent 2 months trying to figure out what to do now.

As we had been living on a boat for over 13 years, it was hard to Imagen a life on land and even harder to to figure out where should it be. Even to decide which country. It had to be somewhere in the south of Europe.

We needed somewhere to live pretty soon, so the easiest solution was to buy another boat, and in September we found Escapade. She was bigger than C'est la vie, well build and we knew her from Port Napolen. We bought her and started all over again.

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